Hotel, Antiques, Agriculture

Dada Uzak Orman is a dream embodied, realized to be shared and multiplied with others, a call to tranquility; an invitation to protect the past, to limit consumption, to remember to produce sustainably.
Located in a vast forest, an hour from Istanbul, Dada Uzak Orman is home to a museum where antiques are exhibited and sold, a restaurant that can be rented for special events, and it holds true to slow farming movement, with fresh crops full of blueberry and lavender fieds.
The 4 guesthouses, decorated with carefully selected and comfortable furniture as well as antiques, are on their way to offer an accommodation experience with gusto, not luxury.

Brand Identity - Packaging - Art direction - Illustration

We wanted to create a design with its own unique language, inspired by the past. In line with this idea, we have expanded the entire brand identity. You will find yourself in an experience that carries you to another time period, from the moment you step in.
We created the key emblem inspired by the wind roses on the rooftops. Our color palette was based on rustic tones.

Packaging Photography: Parcour
Outdoor Photography: Yonca MuslubaƟ
Video: Burak Teoman





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